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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Amazon's Top 20 Reading Cities!

Check below and see if your city is literate.  What do you think? I'm sort of surprised Cincinnati is #18 but otherwise it looks fairly predictable, most of the cities with large universities.

1. Cambridge, Massachusetts
2. Alexandria, Virginia
3. Berkeley, California
4. Ann Arbor, Michigan
5. Boulder, Colorado.
6. Miami
7. Salt Lake City, Utah
8. Gainesville, Florida
9. Seattle, Washington
10. Arlington, Virginia
11. Knoxville, Tennessee
12. Orlando, Florida
13. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
14. Washington, D.C.
15. Bellevue, Washington
16. Columbia, South Carolina
17. St. Louis, Missouri
18. Cincinnati, Ohio
19. Portland, Oregon
20. Atlanta, Georgia.



  1. Lynn;

    Interesting information - why am I not surprised that Southern California isn't on this list?

  2. It's a mixture of expected and not so much so - Cincinnati seems out of place on that list and some other great university towns are not there! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Well now, eight out of the twenty are from the south.I guess most of us just like our sweet tea and books!

  4. Ruby, the south is the place to be if one is a woman and a writer especially. Wish I'd been born there - stories are a natural expression of the culture and apparently so is reading!

  5. I live in the same state as Boulder, does that count? I guess throughout my lifetime I've lived in over 20 towns/cities. None of them are listed. LOL Next time we move, I'll ask the guys who have to pack all my books what they think.

    Interesting post, Lynn. I enjoyed it.

    Good luck with your new blog. I couldn't post with my Google acct but Blogger did let me follow you with it. Who understands them? Not me. This situation is just as frustrating for our guests as it is for the hosts. All we can do is keep trying.

    Sandra Crowley

  6. I guess most people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are watching sports. Not me. Reading and writing. LOL

  7. Sad, isn't it? Same in Indianapolis - especially today!


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