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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Here are some great sites I've found or people have sent me to help you with your writing:

The Bookshelf Muse - check out the right sidebar for help with setting, character, emotions and other thesaurus info!  Great site!

Girlfriend Books
This site gives eight questions to consider in developing a hook for your book:
1. What makes your book unique?
This is the toughest question, but also the most critical. If you had to pick ONE THING that makes your book different from others in the field, what would it be? A strange plot twist? A unique voice? Something completely fresh about your protagonist? A setting that's never been used before in your genre? Try brainstorming on this one and make a list if you can.

For the rest of the questions, check out that blog site.

From Michael Hyatt
Seven Ways to Build your Author Brand.

1. Read Tribes by Seth Godin. I reviewed Seth’s new book last Friday. It explains the importance of building a tribe of followers and exactly how to do it. It represents a paradigm shift in leadership and communication. If you are an author, your tribe members are your readers—or, at least, that’s potentially true. The only question is whether or not you will become the tribe’s leader and equip them to communicate with you and with one another. Monologues are so last-century. Facilitating dialogues and polylogues are what is happening now. Authors who understand this and jump in with both feet are the ones who will succeed.

For the others check out the blog.

If you're looking for writers conferences, check out Writers Conferences & Centers

The Writers’ Conferences & Centers (WC&C) website is a valuable resource for writers looking for comprehensive information about attending the most established writing conferences, centers, festivals, residencies, or retreats in North America and abroad. We currently have more than 100 members and more than 550 listings.

Finally, how about a recent blog by J.R. Konrath from an article by Bob Mayer on self publishing entitled A Newbie's Guide To Publishing?



  1. Thank you. That's a great site you've indicated.

  2. I love the Bookshelf Muse. It's possibilities are endless for writing a more exact, active description.

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out! :) I follow all these other great blogs too, which makes me humbled to be included. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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